Practice Areas

Business Litigation

“In matters of principal, stand like a rock.” Thomas Jefferson

For business owners, litigation is a fact of life of the modern world. The attorneys of Cobb Eddy pride themselves in being able to provide clients with innovative, aggressive and principal driven solutions to litigation. Cobb Eddy attorneys are adept at litigating complex commercial claims of all types and varieties including (but not limited to): contractual litigation, insurance coverage litigation, employment claims, commercial claims, constitutional claims, quasi-judicial and administrative matters involving regulatory authorities and/or governmental agencies, business ownership disputes, commercial landlord-tenant litigation, shareholder disputes, trusts and estates litigation and debt restructuring litigation.

We routinely litigate in state and federal courts throughout the United States, including state and federal courts in Florida, Georgia, California, Kansas, New York, and over 20 administrative and regulatory agencies throughout the country. Cobb Eddy attorneys are battle tested, having had the privilege of representing clients in hundreds of jury and non-jury trials, as well as administrative or regulatory final hearings.

Cobb Eddy’s overarching goal in litigation is to assist our clients in creating their own individualized litigation “plan,” and then utilizing our expertise to efficiently navigate the litigation process to achieve each client’s desired litigation result. To achieve that goal, we confer and strategize with each client at the initial stages of any litigation matter to construct a comprehensive litigation plan, one that is tailor-made to meet the end result each client desires. Whether it is attempting to exit a lawsuit economically and efficiently, or aggressively advancing claims or defenses to “stand like a rock,” each litigation plan is unique and customized to achieve the optimal business result for each client.

Bottom line: litigation is grounded in leverage, and the attorneys of Cobb Eddy are experts at identifying the leverage point, aggressively litigating to obtain the leverage needed, and ultimately obtaining the desired business result for each client.