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A criminal charge is a serious matter and a serious responsibility.  At Cobb Eddy, we gladly accept this responsibility and work hard to provide support and guidance to our clients in this difficult time of their lives.

Our attorneys understand that the criminal court process is a difficult and frustrating time for anyone who has been charged with a crime.  We also recognize the gravity of what has been put on the line after you’ve been arrested, and as such we are prepared to stand unwaveringly in your defense.  We take pride in the personalized representation we are able to provide to our clients.  Our attorneys take the time and effort to understand your situation, communicate your options and help guide you through the process of protecting yourself.  We proudly defend our clients both in and out of the courtroom and work tirelessly to achieve the results our clients have come to expect.

A criminal conviction will alter your life, restrict your freedoms and limit the path your future can take.  An unfavorable verdict can send you to prison, cost you civil privileges, impact your family life and ruin your professional career.  It is important however to remember that a criminal charge is not a conviction.  Those charged with a crime need the representation of an experienced criminal defense firm to ensure that their future remains unaffected.

Our attorneys handle all types of state and federal cases so if you or a loved one have been questioned by police or charged with a crime please contact us immediately for a confidential consultation.